Civil Rights, Other Legal Battles

Things the law can do

On Sept. 4, 2014, the law accomplished six things:

1) It authorized a federal investigation of a police department that has come under fire for discriminatory and unconstitutional policing.

2) It convicted a former state governor of corruption and other wrongdoing committed while in office.

3) It ruled that an oil corporation was “grossly negligent” in causing an environmental disaster, subjecting it to billions in fines.

4) It declared unconstitutional same-sex marriage bans in two Midwest states.

5) It upheld the validity of federal subsidies for access to healthcare for millions of poor people and others who can’t otherwise afford it.

6) It protected the right to vote of hundreds of thousands of minorities whose access to the ballot was restricted for politically driven reasons.

Sometimes the law can be perverse, even grossly unfair. Today, the law did the world some good.


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